‚Äč Our goal is to relieve Hep-C suffering by focusing on 6 main objectives. 

"To Relieve Suffering In The Hepatitis-C Community"

Perhaps the most important thing we do is Hepatitis-C Testing. That is because when we test, all of our other objectives are also being met. For instance, we never simply test a client for Hepatitis-C, we educate, dispel the stigma, and talk about medicine all while engaging clients during a testing event.

Every client we serve, we try to recruit as a sort of mini-advocate by telling them about things like the importance of  Harm Reduction, that every Baby Boomer needs testing, that there are resources despite shame associated with the virus. Our objectives are far-reaching and carefully crafted to meet many needs at once. We make the most of every opportunity to engage clients whether it be one who sits before us for a confidential test, or an auditorium full of clients who need to be educated about Hepatitis-C.