Our desire to serve people with Hepatitis-C comes from our family's own personal battle with the virus. We don't serve because we had great support during our Hepatitis-C ordeal, rather we didn't have any support. Up until this time, we hadn't told anyone about Carleen's Hepatitis-C status. Carleen contracted Hepatitis-C during her teen years, but like most people with Hepatitis-C she didn't find out until decades later. 

Kelsey McGuffey, Family Photographer, and sister to 5 brothers. She runs the social media for Climbing for Carleen. 

8 weeks after the birth of the McGuffey's 6th child, Carleen went into the hospital for a Hepatitis-C related 1 day outpatient procedure....a year later Carleen had yet to recover....

"To Relieve Suffering In The Hepatitis-C Community"

 James McGuffey, Father of 6, Mountain Climbing Extraordinaire, and Founder of Climbing For Carleen

What should have been routine, turned into a fight for life as complications arose. It took a month in ICU, and a year in bed, but Carleen slowly recovered. It was during this time that James became frustrated with the lack of good information and resources surrounding Hepatitis-C. James took his decades of business experience mixed with a passion for helping his wife and others with Hepatitis-C and started Climbing For Carleen.  Carleen was reluctant as she had kept her Hepatitis-C status a secret due to the stigma, but as James and the kids got busy in the community she was compelled to join in the advocacy work. As it turns out doors of opportunity to serve have opened steadily for years now as CFC grows both in passion and presence, and the Mcguffeys can all look back and share that this crisis was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to them as a family.

Carleen is the reason this organization was started, James saw her suffering and had to do something about it. She is a wonderful mommy to 6 kiddos, and she faithfully tests hundreds of people for Hep-C.

“Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.” 
― Bob Goff

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We have always really desired to serve in some aspect as a family unit. Whatever the service project may be, we love each other and want to learn and grow together, through serving. God, through the pain we suffered, opened up doors for us to be able to serve together. We are so thankful for James, and the work he did in getting this non-profit started. He had the heart to serve, so he didn't just think about doing something good, he did it, and he brought his family along with him. We feel like we have been called to love the people around us radically and without any form of return, in particular, our hearts are to serve the people in the Hepatites C community. We want to be a safe place for the broken, hurt, and those who are suffering, no strings attached. We have been through a lot ourselves, and we don't judge because of that. 

How it all began...

Some of the McGuffey Family at a recent Healthcare meeting 

These 3 little buddies are awesome advocates, they add so much to the CFC team, including their cuteness. 

Kendell is a faithful team member, he has such a servants heart and is always looking to help the people around him.