"To Relieve Suffering In The Hepatitis-C Community"

We commit to consider both people with Hepatitis-C or people with an interest in Hepatitis-C as potential Advocates. We have written into our testing and teaching protocols, ideas on how to encourage and recruit advocacy efforts.

We commit to support and bolster the work of our colleagues and fellow advocates by encouraging them both publicly and privately. We allow ALL of our ideas, materials, literature, and marketing to be printed, reprinted, used, changed to reflect other advocates contact info, to be used for free, anytime without permission. We hope our efforts may be deemed worthy enough to repeat, and thereby encourage, and appreciate it when colleagues use our resources whether or not we get credit. If people are relieved of their suffering and or lives are being saved, that is plenty of credit for us. 

We commit to love on and nurture anyone hoping to serve in this community. 5 million people in the US have Hepatitis-C. That means there is no scarcity of this virus, and no need to be territorial, or envious. If you want to serve we will find a way to make that happen for both the benefit of advocate and client.

We commit to promote and protect ourselves and other advocates from smear campaigns, gossip, or innuendo that is designed to distract or detract from the relief of suffering in the Hepatitis-C community. We can reach 1000s and that is good but if we generously serve, and cultivate other advocates to do the same, that is when real and measurable impacts can be made.  

We commit to never fight over space, money or opportunities, as there is no shortage of the Hepatitis-C virus. If we learn that our colleagues are serving in the same space as us we welcome collaboration and appreciate opportunities to work together. In that same vein, we will support, protect and bolster Advocates who are being bullied targeted, smeared or maligned based on territorialism and ego.