Taking a break on Mt Shasta!

To Raise Awareness and Education for Liver Disease and Hepatitis C. Promote Testing and Organ Donation, Dispel the Stigma, and make medicine available for the cure to everyone that needs it!

Help us Bring Awareness to Liver Disease and Hepatitis C. Get Tested today it might Save your Life!


Climbing For Carleen

On a Class 3 climb before the big snows set in.

Kendell always trying to out do dad on the stair climber!

On the Barr trail on the way to summit of Pikes Peak

On the way to the summit of Quandary

Camping out at 11,542 Ft. Cold, but fun night.

Mt. Belford 14,203'

Mt Humboldt 14,064'

Summit of Mt. Shavano  14,229 Elevation

Feeling proud during this climb!

Almost to the summit of Mt Yale 14,199'

On the summit taking a well deserved rest!

Kendell is not your average kid although he likes to do things most other kids do. He is a ahead of the game among his peers. Since a young boy he has been involved in his dads business and is a natural leader. Kendell just 13yrs old, has done a outstanding job in Raising Awareness for Liver Disease and the Hepatitis C community. From climbing mountains, running races, knocking doors, calling, and emailing corporate sponsors he knows how to get it done! His dedication and support to his mother and her struggle thru many medical issues and Hep C has been unstoppable. He climbs mountains for a reason and its a good one!

Getting gear inspected and ready!

Getting some weight training done!

"It's amazing, I'm so proud of him. I never asked him to do this. He wanted to." -Carleen McGuffey

Kendell McGuffey