"To Relieve Suffering In The Hepatitis-C Community"

Early Hepatitis-C detection is better for the patient:
Evidence shows that many Hepatitis-C infected persons access health care during the years before they are diagnosed, but they are not tested for Hepatitis-C. In fact, 75% of people with Hep-C in the United States are unaware of their status. Many people don't find out they have Hep-C until they are very sick and much harder to treat. 

Early Hepatitis-C detection is better for the community:
Hepatitis-C screening is essential to prevention efforts. Those who are unaware of their infection are much more likely to transmit the virus to another person as compared to those who are aware of their infection. Evidence suggests that once people are aware of their positive status, they make substantial reductions in high-risk behavior.

Economic Benefits:
There are economic benefits to Hepatitis-C screening programs because they reduce transmission and identify Hepatitis-C infections earlier in the disease. A Hepatitis-C test can cost as little as 15.00 and although Hepatitis-C treatment is not cheap it is much less costly than treating Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, Hospice, and Death.
These are just a few of the Medical and Economic benefits of testing early. In addition, early Hepatitis-C detection can relieve untold suffering and even death. We feel like there is no price that can be put on a human life.