"To Relieve Suffering In The Hepatitis-C Community"

 CFC understand the value of passionate individuals who are willing to share time, and talents to relieve suffering in the Hep-C community. Along those lines, we are willing to invest in training, be flexible and offer encouragement for people who want to serve. Here is a list of positions we are looking to bolster:

Rapid Testers: CFC uses OraQuick's rapid test to screen clients for Hepatitis-C. This test takes training and an online exam. 

Facilitators: CFC is growing and in need of talent that can think through all aspects of our service. Whether it be a one-time speaking engagement or a sustained presence in a Health Facility, We are looking for people who can envision the process, and efficiently execute with attention to excellence and compliance.

Speakers/Educator: We have more opportunities to speak about Hepatitis-C than we do voices to share. If you are good at speaking, you may be a good fit. 

Email Lists: We would like to engage people through Email in a more consistent, intentional way. If you are good at organizing online folders, using email, and sorting various lists according to engagement need you may be a good fit.   Newsletters, updates, best practices, interviews.

Accounting: We use Quickbooks NonProfit Online and would love to connect with more people who are good at accounting. 

Social Media: CFC has a strong Social Media presence yet we understand if we are going to eradicate this virus we will need to always be growing and changing n our online presence. 

Grantwriting Fundraising: This may be our biggest need, yet weakest strength. Please let us know if you would like to raise money or write grants for CFC.

Break Down and Set Up at Clinics: We need creative, strong individuals that would like to set up Mobile Speaking Engagements, Testing Events, and Education Conferences.

Counselors: This position requires wisdom and selflessness. Wisdom to discern how to help and selflessness to listen to our
clients needs while disregarding our own. 

Harm Reduction Expert: As CFC offers to test more people who use drugs, we will need people who understand the importance of clean needles, and accurate information. This person may attend clinics, proof literature, and provide insight and education to CFC and others in the community. 

Board Members: CFC is ALWAYS looking for Board Members who want to serve, take risks, see the big picture, and change the world.

Mentors: CFC is fairly new, but what we lack in experience we make up for in passion, however, we understand passion can only go as far as our knowledge and talent will allow. We welcome and highly value input, advice and constructive observations.

Phone Counselors: CFC often receives inquiries or follow up calls regarding Hepatitis-C. Many people have been served generously and lives have been saved because someone was willing to chat on the phone, convey encouragement and offer resources. 

Quality Control: Every time we attend an event, speak at a conference, or offer free testing we look for ways to do things just a little better. Are you good at considering how to make changes towards excellence? You may be able to help us. 

Providers: CFC has garnered many relationships with Clinics, FQHCs, and facilities where we can test and serve, however as lay people we can only do so much. We are looking for Providers either through Project Echo or in 
 who can serve people with Hep-C.

Phlebotomist: We are recruiting phlebotomists who can draw blood for confirmatory Hepatitis-C testing. 

James and I have owned a Garage Door Business for over 20 years. I say we but really it's mostly James as he fires me every few years, and then a couple years later, I nose myself back into the fray. Then we decide we'd like to stay married so I back out and so it goes. Still married! It's hard to work with your spouse, let's be honest, its hard to stay married and in love with your spouse, add into that all the dynamics of running a business together and well....you can imagine. 

James is an incredible business man, he is good at most aspects of running things. Marketing, leading men in the field, welcoming customers, excellence in technique, keeping customers happy, recruiting good employees and paying them well. 

After being in For Profit business for over 20 years we at CFC have learned that money doesn't motivate people to serve generously. Passion and the desire to live a fulfilling and meaningful life are the motivation behind any successful endeavor. Along those lines, we are looking for individuals to help us change the world, people that care deeply about others, or people who want to care more but need a cause. Hepatitis-C is deadlier than all other 60 infectious diseases combined, and yet the Hep-C community is grossly underfunded and seldom regarded. If you would like to do something to make a huge impact, Hepatitis-C work may be your callin